Self Promotional Project

Design Notes:


  • Create a self promotional piece to drive traffic to my web site,
    motivating potential employers to contact me for interviews.


  • Showcase my creativity while utilizing as few resources as
    possible; tying everything together with a common visual
    element stylizing it to reflect a color chart, created in Adobe

Résumé & Cover Letter:

  • Maintaining many of the traditional attributes of a common
    résumé I was able to showcase my typographic and
    compositional skills, created in Adobe In-Design, font is Adobe
    Jenson Pro, printed on Southworth Watermark Antique Laid
    paper, using an HP OfficeJet 5510v AIO ink jet printer at


  • Using only cuts and folds in a single piece of paper I created this
    strong design piece, HP Premium Inkjet paper mounted on 60lb.
    Strathmore Artagain Black paper.


  • Template was crated in Adobe Illustrator, common poster board,
    scored and folded

Design Notes:

  • Created in Adobe InDesign, reverse printed on vellum paper

Who are you looking for?

Are you looking for a designer that really understands web development?
Are you looking for a web developer that really understands design?
Do you need an individual that can bridge the gap between logical analytically minded developers and creative visually minded designers?

I have been a Graphic Designer and Web Developer since the beginning of the digital age and am looking for a position where I can utilizing my knowledge and skills in: graphic design, illustration, website design, print production, commercial printing, and information technology to manage the development and implementation of projects involving visual communications through the integration of information technology and conventional production methods.



Solutions Engineer

I was one of the technical resources in our sales force when selling into the most strategic prospects and accounts for Pantheon Computer Systems. Responsible for developing a deep understanding of our clients’ business and technical goals and needs, identifying and documenting product needs, and working with other departments (including sales, product purchasing, and client services) to develop a tailored plan that would ensure success with Pantheon Computer Systems. Other key elements of this role included articulating the Pantheon Computer Systems’ value proposition, developing marketing solutions, and managing existing clients in our South-central Minnesota and Northern Iowa regions.