Database & Application Design

Designed and created a new advertisement reservation system that utilized preexisting
data systems, reducing data entry and increasing accuracy. Combined information from multiple pre-existing databases, into an easy to use G.U.I. that gave the sales staff a one screen look at “the big picture” of client ad and billing histories as well as an inventory of online assets available for use in future ads and promotions. Reducing the duplication of image scans and mailing or shipping costs.

Marketing Strategy Analysis

Analyzed the marketing strategies for New Hampshireʼs banking industry by implementing a content analysis of print ads, and conducting a consumer survey using a questionnaire. The results revealed differences in what was being advertised and what motivates consumers to switch banks. These results were used in the development of ad campaigns focusing on attributes consumers found to be most important-and later in the development of a new corporate identity for a New England financial institution.