District Management through: Fundraising, Recruitment, & Collaboration

Secured adequate financial support for programs in assigned area. Achieve net income and participation objectives for assigned camps and activities.

Recruited leadership for finance campaign efforts to meet the financial needs of the organization.

Ensured that all program sites are served through volunteers, regular leader meetings, training events and activities.

Collaborated with adult volunteers and oversee achievement of training for their respective role.

Print Production Systems Design

Analyzed and incorporated Adobe’s Creative Suite into our already “Adobe product rich” arsenal of creative tools. This became the catalyst for the implementation and migration to a company wide electronic document workflow utilizing Adobe Acrobat to standardize the workflow between the other departments in the organization.

Database & Application Design

Designed and created a new advertisement reservation system that utilized preexisting
data systems, reducing data entry and increasing accuracy. Combined information from multiple pre-existing databases, into an easy to use G.U.I. that gave the sales staff a one screen look at “the big picture” of client ad and billing histories as well as an inventory of online assets available for use in future ads and promotions. Reducing the duplication of image scans and mailing or shipping costs.