Self Promotional Project

Design Notes:


  • Create a self promotional piece to drive traffic to my web site,
    motivating potential employers to contact me for interviews.


  • Showcase my creativity while utilizing as few resources as
    possible; tying everything together with a common visual
    element stylizing it to reflect a color chart, created in Adobe

Résumé & Cover Letter:

  • Maintaining many of the traditional attributes of a common
    résumé I was able to showcase my typographic and
    compositional skills, created in Adobe In-Design, font is Adobe
    Jenson Pro, printed on Southworth Watermark Antique Laid
    paper, using an HP OfficeJet 5510v AIO ink jet printer at


  • Using only cuts and folds in a single piece of paper I created this
    strong design piece, HP Premium Inkjet paper mounted on 60lb.
    Strathmore Artagain Black paper.


  • Template was crated in Adobe Illustrator, common poster board,
    scored and folded

Design Notes:

  • Created in Adobe InDesign, reverse printed on vellum paper