Solutions Engineer

I was one of the technical resources in our sales force when selling into the most strategic prospects and accounts for Pantheon Computer Systems. Responsible for developing a deep understanding of our clients’ business and technical goals and needs, identifying and documenting product needs, and working with other departments (including sales, product purchasing, and client services) to develop a tailored plan that would ensure success with Pantheon Computer Systems. Other key elements of this role included articulating the Pantheon Computer Systems’ value proposition, developing marketing solutions, and managing existing clients in our South-central Minnesota and Northern Iowa regions.

Marketing Strategy Analysis

Analyzed the marketing strategies for New Hampshireʼs banking industry by implementing a content analysis of print ads, and conducting a consumer survey using a questionnaire. The results revealed differences in what was being advertised and what motivates consumers to switch banks. These results were used in the development of ad campaigns focusing on attributes consumers found to be most important-and later in the development of a new corporate identity for a New England financial institution.